Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We're all staked out!

So, the family and I drove up to our new neighborhood last Sunday to find that our house had been staked.  I have absolutely no idea what this exactly means (is it the outline of our future house?), but we were ecstatic to find that work has begun!

The kids and I piled in the car again today for the 1-hour trek up to PA to see if anything else had been done. I know, I know, I seem antsy and impatient but I don't want to miss a thing!  We are getting ready for baby #3 and I don't know when my impromptu trips will have to come to an end for a little while.
We found that the perimeter of the lot has been fenced off with stakes and black tarp. Hopefully, the next step is a giant hole in the ground!


  1. We are also an hour away from our future home. I don't know how many times we'll be able to make the trip. Yay for making progress!

  2. It's so hard being so far away, isn't it? But it's probably a good thing, otherwise I would want to be there every day!