Saturday, January 14, 2012

Ground-Breaking News

We had two exciting things happen yesterday...

First, we met with the flooring and design company.  It was so much fun picking out and finalizing our selections.  We ended up going with:

     Santa Cecilia Granite in the kitchen

     Wheat granite in both upstairs bathrooms

     Wide-Plank hardwood in Saddle throughout the main level

     Shaw frieze in Sand Swept (thanks to Casey's blog) on the second floor and stairs

     Vinyl tiles in the upstairs laundry room

Next, we spoke with our PM and he informed us that they plan on breaking ground next Tuesday, installing the footers on Wednesday, and pouring the foundation on Thursday!  That is great news, except that it is supposed to rain on Tuesday.  Figures. Well, hopefully, that will only push progress back a day or two. I hope they get the foundation in before it gets really cold here in the mid-Atlantic!


  1. I don't know if you're getting a basement bathroom, but if you are the selections you made upstairs will carry over into that bathroom.

    We felt like it was a great bonus to get granite and great cabinets in the basement bath without an additional fee!

    Enjoy your selections - they sound beautiful!

  2. Thanks! Tammigirl, we did not get the basement bathroom done. That was one of the FEW projects I allowed to be left for my hubby to finish himself :)

  3. I kept going back and forth with the carpet selection. II couldn't find any pics to get an idea of what it would look like, so I'm glad my blog helped with your decision.

    Congrats on the foundation, hopefully the weather cooperates for a few weeks for them to start/finish framing.